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Deep Sky SH2 229 (Flaming Star Nebula)


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Was able to get about 1.5 hours of data ini on this target in narrow band (and another hour in RGB) tonight.
This was processed with NBColorMapper and then tweaked and BlurXterminator and NoiseXterminator applied.
There was a layer of high clouds present, but this was the first night in several weeks that I could even see stars so I simply could not resist the chance to at least get some data.

SH2 229 032624.jpg
Gain:  101
Offset:  50
Exposure Time:  60 seconds
Camera Temp:  -5°C
  1. Ha
  2. SII
  3. OIII

Camera:  ASI533MM Pro
Integration time:  
Ha: 30 minutes
OIII: 30 minutes
SII: 30 minutes

Color palette:  Other (detailed in post)
Mosaic:  No
I hold the copyright:  
  1. Yes

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