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Deep Sky SH2 248 (Jellyfish Nebula)


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Recent start of data collection on SH2 248 (Jellyfish Nebula).
These images were processed in two different palette formats. Total of about about 3 hours of captured data in a Bortle 5 zone with a bright moon (83% full).

This was processed using the HSO palette.
Jellyfish HSO  030224.jpg

This was processed using the SHO palette

Jellyfish SHO  030224.jpg
Gain:  101
Offset:  50
Exposure Time:  90 seconds
Camera Temp:  -5°C
  1. Ha
  2. SII
  3. OIII

Camera:  ASI533MM Pro
Integration time:  
Ha - 54 minutes
SII - 54 minutes
OIII - 54 minutes

Color palette:  Other (detailed in post)
Telescope/Lens:  WO ZenithStar 103mm
Mosaic:  No
I hold the copyright:  
  1. Yes