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If you want to display the cloud cover in your area on your signature, you can use Clear Dark Sky to get the data.

An example of this is shown in my signature.

It's fairly simple to do... you can go to the site, put your location data in and it will give you a list of closest sites it has data on. Click on your chosen site and it will take you to the page for it.
Then scroll down and you will find code to put into a web page. What you are looking for is the May I put the Chart on my web page? section. You will find a section referring to simplified thumbnail. This is the one you will want use, and you will use see something like this:
<img src=""></a>.
You will want to copy the section and then, in the editor for your signature, use the Insert Image button and then post that link you have copied into the URL field.

Screen Shot 2022-08-24 at 7.42.21 PM.png

That should insert the smaller image wherever your cursor is in the signature block.

If you want to put the link to the site as shown on their website above it, simply position the cursor above that image and then use the Insert Link button, find the <a href=> data above where you got the image data and only use the actual URL they show, in this example You will also want to put the location data in the field that pops up to put the link into that shows as Text.

Screen Shot 2022-08-24 at 7.47.33 PM.png

You can then highlight the link that is created after you insert it and modify the text size (I recommend around a 10) and even the color (but since it is a link it may get over-ridden).
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Orrrrrr you can be whitty!:D