Celestron SkyMaster 15x70


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I've got a pair of these inbound to use for the astronomy club I'm working on getting started. Anyone use a pair of these before and have an opinion on them. I know they are the lower powered of many of the SkyMaster line, but from what I have read, they tend to be better for "adult" eyes.

I'm trying to gather several different levels of viewing the skies so that any visitors to to a star party can see several levels of being able to get started and not think they have to go "full hog" and spend thousands on equipment.
The binoculars came in.. and they aren't anything "out of this world" but for the prices I really didn't expect them to be. What I NOW need to find is a good tripod setup for use with binoculars/monoculars.
Looking for any suggestions. The currently camera tripods I use have WAY to much flex in them and the binoculars "bounce" around excessively.

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