StellarMate Stellarmate OS and KStars geographic data


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Anyone know why StellarMate OS keeps it's KStars geolocation data in an sqlite database and the KStars on Astroberry keeps it in mycities.dat, which is apparently the standard that even the KStars site refers to?

Any idea how to pull the sqlite data and allow it to be used on another computer?
I've submitted a ticket over at StellarMate to see if I can get an answer, and once I do, I will update this post.

I'm hoping that both already use the standard SQL database format, that StellarMate simply uses the sqlite extension and that the "official" KStars from the KDE site uses the dat extension, choosing to rename it.
And the answer is <insert drumroll>

Both are the same... they both are sqlite SQL databases, only with a different extension being given to them according to Jasem.

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