Reflector Suggestion for a good reflector around $750


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:ROFLMAO:As the topic suggests. I'm contemplating a reflector for astrophotography and want to spend around $750 USD for the tube itself. I realize I will also need to get a coma corrector, but that can come in time. I'm wanting to piece together a decent Newtonian reflector that I can use with the EQ-35Pro without any issues and then also with the EQ6R-Pro if I want to use it instead of the refractor or NexStar 8se that I have. I don't have any issues getting rid of the 8se, even though I've recently invested a bit in "improvements" for it. But what I'd actually like to have is a reflector in addition to what I already have.

I've been looking at a GSO 8" f/4 reflector, but it looks like it may have some issues. I would really like to try to keep the base price for the scope itself around $750 so I don't get beheaded by the better half. 🪓

Anyone want to donate a Optiques Fullum Folded Newtonian 65" to a good cause? Heck, $715K USD is pocket change. :ROFLMAO:
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Well, after doing some research, it seems the GSO may be nice, but there are probably better choices out there.

Currently I'm looking at this one heavily