Mini PC The Intel NUC - a thing of the past?


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Looks like Intel is getting out of the NUC line.... leaving it to others (like BeeLink) to run with it.
I was almost ready to drop the coin on an Intel NUC11 (in act, have the cable for power coming in from Agena and don't think it works with the BeeLink).
So, now, to drop the extra coin on the Intel product, or go with the BeeLink which uses the same processor, equipped with the same amount of memory and drive and is around $80 cheaper. I had also been looking at the MeLE's, but with them being without fans, and our current night time temps at 88° at 10PM I have to worry about no active cooling.
It does look like ASUS may be "stepping into the fold" to provide support for the NUC 11-13 line.... but is it better to buy another offering?
I'm still leaning towards the Intel NUC11 because they will still have to support it for a bit even if it's cancelled for future sales.. and honestly Intel probably maximized the ability of their unit to "push" the platform.
What would you do?
Well, I went ahead and ordered the NUC 11 from Amazon... and am also thinking about getting a BeeLink U59 for the other mount and then retiring the RPi4's for "emergency use" in case the main rigs go out.
I did have to get a special cable for my Pegasus PowerBox for the Intel NUC (think it uses a 5x2.5mm barrel instead of 5x2.1mm). I am pretty sure the BeeLink will use the standard 5x2.1mm that ships with the Pegasus PowerBox.

What I like about the BeeLink U59 is you can add a 2.5" SSD into the case, which you cannot with the NUC 11 - it's NVMe SSD only.

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