Deep Sky The Leo Triplets


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Gain:   100
Offset:   50
Exposure Time:   120 seconds
Camera Temp:   -5 °C
  1. Luminance
  2. Red
  3. Green
  4. Blue

Camera:   ZWO ASI533MM Pro
Telescope/Lens:   WO ZenithStar 103mm
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This is a quick processing (15 minutes) of the the Leo Triplets... had an issue with the moon being really bright and it did cause some capture issues with a lot of excess light pollution on the captured data.
There were
28 Luminance
28 Red
28 Green
28 Blue
captures.... the moon was at around 53% brightness and was slightly outside of the view of the target.
The next attempt will reduce the exposure time to around 90 seconds instead of 120. I think I'm getting some over-exposure due to the amount of light in my location. I also don't remember refocusing on these targets, so that may be why the red stars are "fuzzy"?
I REALLY hate having as many trees around me as I do sometimes as it is really restrictive for capturing from the back yard.
Not really sure what the deal with the red halos.

Leo Triplet.jpg
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