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What filter first for ASI533MC Pro

  • Optolong L-eXtreme Dual

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  • Optolong L-eNhance Dual

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  • Optolong L-Pro Deep Sky

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  • ZWO Duo-Band Narrowband Light Pollution Reduction

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  • Optolong Ultra High Contrast UHC Nebula Filter

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  • Other (note in post)

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Am looking at a filter to use with the ASI533MC Pro.
Currently I am shooting primarily galaxy and star clusters, because they are a higher number of targets from my location for them.
I do plan on getting into nebula shooting with the 72mm refractor (which is what this would be for) as I have full filters for the mono camera.
So far, I've been decently pleased with the shots that I've gotten of galaxy with the camera itself, so I'm leaning towards a narrow band filter to widen my target selection. I can get a more galaxy/cluster targeted later.

OK... got the filter drawer on order.
Now just need to decide on the Optpolong L-Enhance or the L-Extreme.
I realize that the Extreme has a narrower band... but is it worth the additional money when most of your captures are in a bortle 5/6 area?

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