General Tip of the Day #1


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Some people have to travel with their gear to do visual or Astrophotography. Treating your gear like it is a delicate machine will pay you dividends. This gear is expensive enough that if a boo-boo happened it might end a hobby.

Tip: When traveling with your GEM mount, leave the clutches un-locked.

Reasoning: The gear trains, motors and such will not be shocked if it rolls over or hits the floor. Larger mount are heavy and awkward. I leave my clutches un-locked when-ever it isn't on the tripod or pier.
One thing I have done is I purchased a set of Craftsman TradeStack toolboxes and have put some foam lining in most of them to carry my equipment.
I have 1 box assigned to the William Optics EQ-35 Pro mount, 1 box assigned to the Celestron NexStar mount, another box assigned for my RPi and assorted cables and laptop, and a final box assigned for any/all camera related equipment.
Helps me keep it organized and also gives a solid hard-shell exterior and then the type foam you find inside the standard hard gun case on the inside. Not really worried about damage... as if it gets that damaged in transport, I'm probably not going to be in any shape to worry about it.

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