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Last night we got the first snow of the season. The older ya get the less exciting it is.
All snow means for us is idiots running into each other. That little bit of snow would have caused panic down here!

Our problem right now is winds. Yesterday they were steady at around 15MPH and gusting upwards of 30MPH. For us, that have trees all over the place, that's pretty high. In fact, high enough I've got some LARGE limbs that came out of the top of the oaks in the back yard that I have to cut up.
Stan wins! :ROFLMAO:

Tracy you Americans would have already frozen or jumped on the plane for warmer clims!
Heck, down here in Texas, they think because they have 4WD they can drive at will and as fast as they want on snow/ice. Yep, 4WD will get you going good.. but it's no better than 2WD on stopping!

And I'll see you one, and raise you... we are under a tornado watch for much of the night.
Oh we get tornadoes and plow winds maybe not with the frequency you do but.....
But we smart! Leave the thing in 2 wheel until you can't go any further and 4x4 to get out of where you shouldn't have been in the first place.