General Vaonis "all in one" telescope


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Anyone see one of the Vaonis rigs in the wild?
Looks like they would be nice for those that don't want to have to piece together a system, but if you have anything go wrong, it's like having one of those "one-piece" computers... a bear to fix.

The Hyperia looks especially interesting.

The Vespera would make a great table top/portable system from the looks of it.

The Stellina is a briefcase sized package.

Some might consider them rather pricey... but when you consider they are pretty much a package deal, they aren't that unreasonable. I just don't know about the quality of the optics... they use standard camera CCD's (Sony, etc).
Hyperia link is a dead link.
First one is.. apparently then want the /en/ on the end of the link instead of auto-detecting.

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