Wanna show off your toys or captures?


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Then the ShowCase is the place to do it.
It is set up to allow you to show any of your equipment setup and such that you may want to do.
It is set up for your telescope/hardware, if you have an observatory and any custom power boxes that you may have set up (battery boxes all the way up through something like a Pegasus power distribution system).

The purpose of the Showcase is to help centralize data like this, so users don't have to go browsing through tons of threads.

In the same token, the Media option allows users to create their own albums, so that they can upload their images (within reason) to there and then others can peruse them. It also allows you to link to your gallery photos from inside of a post using the "Media" button (looks like 2 frames) on the editor taskbar. The Media Gallery will also allow you to embed images to it from sites such as Flickr... that way you don't have to worry about uploading and keeping up with multiple copies.

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