Was about to drop on another camera for the new refracator


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But it looks like the mad-money I have set aside is instead going to pay for the cremation of one of our beloved fur babies.
She's slightly over 10 years old, and bigger than what her breed normally is in size. She also has had hip issues since she was born... and the vet warned us that would be probably what caught up with her before her mind/body is actually gone.
And it has... she can't get up from sitting any longer, and she's constantly panting and you can tell she's in pain when she hobbles along walking.
We've tried multiple medications... but none work because her leg joints didn't form correctly and over time it's simply worn the joints out. The little one in the below photo is her running buddy.. Blaise has protected her since she was a puppy and Bella worships her. She'll miss Blaise even more-so than we will.

Sorry to hear that.
Thanks.... that's two in two months that have crossed the Bridge.

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