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We are a new forum for those that are interested in astronomy and photography - known as astrophotography.

Our site owner is just getting into the hobby and is also comfortable with forums so he decided to set one up for use by others.

This site is totally funded out of my pocket. There are NO ads displayed and we have no association with any corporate entities.
This site is simply a labor of love of mine. You, as a guest, are welcome to use it for its intended purpose, the spreading of knowledge of astronomy and astrophotography.

You will find MANY more users (eventually if we are lucky) that are more knowledgeable in the field than I am (since I am a neophyte).
Please feel free to actively engage here and recognize that we are ALL interested in the same field, but may have differences of opinion. Don't let those differences run you off. Nobody is 100% correct, and we ALL make mistakes.