Other What are your April 2024 eclipse pans?


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I'm blessed with living in an area that has almost (100% totality) since I am very near Tyler Texas.
There are some locations that are 100%... but I will settle for a 99+% coverage area. My son is looking forward to going to a 100% totality locale and I have purchased a 10 count supply of "glasses" that allow direct viewing. I'll be distributing some fo those glasses to my neighbors that may be interested in it.
I will be at our home in Eustis, Maine, where we will be in the 100% zone. Already have a number of people planning to come up and camp out, and I , too, have purchased glasses to hand out. I also just purchased a SeeStar to be able to get some decent pictures without having to focus all my attention on setting up gear. Should be a good show...if, and it's a big 'if' we actually have clear skies that day. This has not been a great year weather-wise, and it seems to cloud over anytime anything interesting is going on in the skies. Got my fingers crossed!
I'm debating on grabbing some film and making my own filter for the Apertura 72mm refractor or trying to find a prebuilt solar filter for it or use my DSLR and do a capture with it. Actually leaning towards the scope as it will probably show more detail.

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