Mini PC What cables for use from battery to USB-C device


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Looking for some reliable cables to use with a device that is powered via a USB-C plug. I want to be able to run it from a 5.5x2.1mm plug fed from either a Pegasus PowerBox or directly from the home built battery boxes I have.
Any suggestions for a reliable choice? I'm sure there are several users of the MeLe mini-PC that have had to go down this road, but this offering is from another vendor.

Can It get straight 12v? If the power adapter that came with It gives 12v then you are safe using whatever you could find. I just bought them from AliExpress.

If you are not confident in that, you can try a 12v to PD/QC adapter (i don't know what It uses). Lenovo makes one with a cigarette plug.
That is one of the problems... most of the cables I am finding is for use from a PD/QC adapter to the barrel plug. And some of those have circuitry in the USB-C portion of the plug that does not play well when the current is reversed and the feed comes from the 5.5x2.1/2.5mm barrel plug and then into the USB-C that feeds the device. In fact, I have seen a few images where the power was reversed and the USB-C end was being used to power the device and it melted.
A clean cable with no circuitry is the best solution but I haven't found one yet that meets that requirement on Amazon.
Most of them are power from the USB-C end and the barrel adapter is what plugs into the device.