Image Capture What happens when your dew heater isn't working


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Well, this is a pretty good indicator of what you end up with!
This was of a capture of M51 (all targets from the night were similar, this was the only one I semi-processed.


Really a pity also, as you can see some good color in the galaxy!
I use a Pegasus Power Box Advanced to run the dew strips (Kendall's), but the temp that night was around 27°F when I started and was around 18°F when I stopped.
I've got to put the rig back together to check to see if the straps are generating heat, and then later check if I need to put them behind the dew shield (near the lens still) on nights that cold. It was mounted on the dew shield slightly in front of the lens area. The way my scopes dew shield is designed, when it's fully extended , the base (with the locking knob) is almost where the lens itself is. I may also try just not extending the shield all the way and then wrap the dew heater around the lens and slightly in front.

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