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What would be the ideal commute setup?


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As usual As usual life is fluid, and things change. I am going to be commuting from Houston to San Carlos California for work and I'm wondering what the perfect portable rig would be. I'm looking for something light enough to pack in my bag that won't take up too much space and yet still have go to capability.
Even though I will have known crew member I don't want it to freak TSA out. I am kind of thinking a cem28 mount due to its light weight.
Any thoughts on this?
I have a skyguider pro. I would prefer something with go to that will also allow me to polar align using plate solving.
LOL You are admitting your star hopping skills need work! ROFL Mine no longer exist but for a few major constellations!
Yes sir I resembled that remark, and at my age I'd rather be lazy and goto! I am limited to a certain portion of the sky before it goes behind trees therefore I don't want to waste time. Between you and the fence post somehow I always end up wasting time anyways.🤣🤣😂😂
Oh the "best laid plan and the ultimate pre-session inspection" that yields "0" data due to technical issues one?
I have those days/nights and my gear never leaves the observatory!

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