What'cha capturing tonight?

Looks like a decent night for most of the night, so back to my old faithful of M101 and then NGC7023.
Doing the upgrade to StellarMate OS, so hope it works well. There is supposed to be a KStars update to the rotator that results in no more need to have pre/post meridian flip flats done.
Back to M101 for about 2 hours (before meridian flip) and so so far, so good. The supernova is even showing up as the brightest object in the structure. Bad thing is, showing poor viewing for the next several days.... so I hope it stays nice and bright for a few weeks so I can get adequate capture data of it.
And another decent night.... another 2 hours of M101 LRGB scheduled. Can't play all night though as I have to get up early tomorrow and celebrate my 39th anniversary with my wonderful spouse.