General Which binoculars would you recommend for a clean view?


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When it comes to binoculars to use for a clean view it can be difficult to choose one that would give you the quality that you are wanting and you could end up going through multiple different ones before you finally find the pair that you are happy with. This can end up being quite costly and not what people will want.

When it comes to getting a clean view, which binoculars would you advise someone gets?
Bang for the buck, the Celestron astro series binoculars do a decent job. There are some more expensive ones, but until you figure out if you like using binoculars, there is no need to go spend $500-$2000 on a set of binoculars.
A very decent set of Nikon/Bushnell/Orion binoculars can do a great job.
The main thing is look for a decent pair of 10x50's.
If you have kids (10 and up) that are going to be using them, then you may want to look at 8x40's.
Don't get stuck on "bigger is better", as optic quality is more important. You can see more with a quality pair of 8x40's than you can with an intro level pair of 10x50's.

A really good YouTube video from a person I have come to rely on about binoviewers, which includes is an advancement on binoculars.


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