Guide Scope WIlliam Optics 50mm with CCD


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I've been looking on the internet and haven't found an answer so figured I'd post it here.
With my new equipment I got one of the new William Optics 50mm guide scopes. The vendor specifically stated it was for use with CCD cameras and if I wanted to use it otherwise (as a finder) that I'd need to purchase some additional equipment, which I had no issue with as I had a CCD camera I was wanting to use.

The question that comes into play is this. Is there a certain back space or anything that you insert the camera to so that it can focus since it has no focus rings that I noticed. The CCD I am using with the guide scope is a ZWO ASI290mm mini.
Well, I really wanted to work a little more with PHD2 tonight but with our light pollution already high a small item inteferred with it. Stinking moon was so bright that you could see tree trunks that were 70 yards away like it was dusk.

OK, to work with the ZWO ASI290MM mini, you MUST add the black shroud that comes in the box to the camera. If you don't, you won't have enough surface to get a purchase on when inserting the camera. Once I got my focus where I wanted it at (slightly blurry) I then put some orange painters tape around the CCD to assist in placing it in the same place each time.


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