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Never fails... get ready to order one so that I don't have to always take the laptop with me....and nobody has them in stock.
I'm going to go ahead and place the order with Agena Astroproducts but have absolutely NO idea when it may be in...
I've looked at every one of the major U.S. online retailers that I could find, and ALL of them do not have it in stock. I went ahead and placed an order for it with Agena and will wait for it to come in from backorder status.
I REALLY like the idea if it can help me get to grabbing images now... but I will also be using my laptop or other captures.
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This chip shortage is for the birds..... basically the ASIAIR is a Raspberry Pi with custom loaded software..
Was looking around thinking of making my own equivalent (would be about $100 less) but can't find the Raspberry Pi 4 (4GB or 8GB) in stock anywhere. Seems that the Raspberry Pi vendors are having the very same problem that ZWO is.
I'm still going to keep my order in with Agena AstroProducts.... as since they don't expect any in until September, being 2 months out may get me near the front of the list.

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