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Seems like their new support site links to a location for downloads of their drivers and software that times out.
That figures, once I'm getting ready to set up a new mini PC using NINA and I HAVE to have the individual drivers for the hardware since they aren't packaged with N.I.N.A.
Got a support response email that said that my ISP must be blocking access to China from ZWO.
Only problem with that is that I could not access their site using a TOR browser, VPNs with IPs originating in other countries, web proxy from other countries or using my cellular data provider.
So if there is blocking going on, they may need to be looking a little higher up the food chain.
But in the meantime, I did find version 6.5.8 of their ASCOM driver install utility on one of my computers from back in 2022 when I was messing with a Windows based solution.
It has been uploaded in the Resource area under the software category.